Explaining the #Covid19 #Pandemic using your own car as if it was your body

Trying to understand something you’ve never experienced before can be a real challenge. In this post the #Covid19 #pandemic is explained using cars and traveling


Your body is your car – it’s your mode of transport in this life. We want to treat it well and insure it and ideally we want to be able to travel everywhere we can in it. But some bodies aren’t suited to off road or cold weather or sand storms. Some are quicker, some are slower. Some can carry heavy things, some are best for show. Some are fragile and need to be carefully tended to, to keep in good running order.

Covid is a car accident. When you’re in a Covid Car accident someone ALWAYS gets hurt at some level, some with minor injuries but most have severe and life-threatening injuries. Anytime there’s a Covidcident, many die

When a Covidcident occurs lots of hospital workers get on the scene to try to recover things. They are being asked to deal with multiple accidents every single day. It’s a tiring and overwhelming level of workload. And when there’s lots and lots of covidcidents to deal with, it risks the ability of the health system to respond to OTHER incidents – like a heart attack or severe car accident or workplace injury, because all the high speciality beds are getting taken up responding to covidcidents

Masks are like seat belts. Anytime you go somewhere you put one on. You don’t think you’re going to have an accident but with Covid, even a fleeting impact can lead to serious consequences. So you wear a mask-belt everywhere

Vaccines are like your airbags and abs and traction control. It’s a complex set of tools and once installed you forget all about them. But if you end up in a Covidcident the ABS tries to help you steer you away from harm, and traction control keeps you from snapping into harm, but if not, the airbag fires off quickly in response. That does NOT mean you will not get injured. It means you have a significantly better chance to MINIMISE the extent of your injuries and how long you might be in hospital if the covidcident is severe. It’s almost always severe.

The pandemic is a freeway pile-up in a blizzard or sand storm. More and more people drive right into it. Some will have stopped in time only to be run into from behind by others not paying enough attention and pushed into it or by those not slowing down to minimise risks at a time when driving conditions are really terrible. Lots and lots of people die and many have long lasting negative health impacts.

Anti-maskers are the idiots who ignore speed limits. Sooner or later we know how that turns out. Maybe they get a ticket first or maybe they end up in an accident. Remember, getting a ticket for speeding is ALWAYS a voluntary tax. And remember even if you are vaccinated you can still be infected and carry it to others. You’ll be mostly okay but others may not be. Wear your ‘mask-belt’

Anti-lockdown ‘freedumbers’ are those that say they have a right to get infected and to infect others. It’s all about I, I, I. There’s no ‘we’ or us’ in their thinking. They ignore the fact that Governments are supposed to do things that protect us from becoming recipients of the Darwin Awards. That’s why we have traffic lights, food health laws, fire brigades, police, ambulances and hospitals.  Just like we put up freeway barriers and road blocks to direct traffic until things are safe, we do all we can to ensure there’s no massive pile-up scale covidcident

Anti-vaxxers (the ones who COULD be vaccinated but refuse to) are the alcohol fuelled speeding idiots running red lights in the city during the day with pedestrians all around. They should be denied access to any public hospital for any purpose during the entirety of the pandemic because right now, health staff are more needed trying to save those who’ve been in a covidcident.

Governments that do not employ social distancing or financial support or mask wearing mandates or proper lockdowns to protect their citizens are riders on the 4 horses of the apocalypse. They should be made to stand in the middle of the freeway pile-up with their family and friends until the pile up is cleared away. If they don’t make it out of that pile up, that won’t be a bad thing

So we wear a mask-belt and get vaccinated to help protect us from harm in the event of a Covidcident. We use lockdowns to help get the roads clear again. We use social distancing to keep the spaces between our mode of transport safe for travel no matter how far we go. Under no circumstances do we want to see a pileup taking place and we don’t want to see any covidcidents involving your body

Stay safe people

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