How Main Stream Media Fomented the Latest Victorian #Covid19 Outbreak

There’s a lot not to like about the latest spike in Victoria’s #Covid19 numbers. And the most culpable are mainstream media companies who created the social response

The latest spike in #Covid19 infections can be directly attributed to Channel 7, Channel 9 and the ABC with lesser blame attributed to Channel 10 and SBS. In the print area it’s just normal Murdoch press – Gladys good, Dan bad. But the most recent thread began when the #FakeTradies and right wing nut jobs infiltrated what was arguably, a ridiculously petulant display by the building sector complaining about vaccine mandates. This sector has been allowed to work while thousands of others have been stood down, forced to take holiday leave or lost their jobs.

What the health advice said was clear – around half of recent infections were coming out of a non compliant construction sector. The CFMEU and others complaining about keepnig their workplaces safe on site with social distancing (you know, the VERY OH&S ‘safety’ thing that the CFMEU used for years to shut down sites) created just the opportunity that the state opposition and media had been unable to create – a good decent swing at Dan Andrews. The CFMEU saying ‘stuff you’ to the Andrews’ call for better compliance, staged an amusing if childish lock down via a ‘lunch room out in the streets’ protest and then cracked it when the State Government shut the sector down for a fortnight.

And here’s when Mainstream media and a flaccid state opposition finally got traction. A show of numbers was so easily taken over by the right wing nutters with their racist, sexist, anti-vaxx rubbish, created just the kind of story that had been lacking. We know the take over by the march was supported by the state opposition by what they chose NOT to do – condemn the march. The Black Lives Matter and Indigenous Rights marches were roundly attacked by both state and federal Liberal party members. Past large scale union marches have been attacked in the same way. But not this one. Absolute silence..

Except in the mainstream media. Finally a chance to develop a story that might puncture the Dan Andrews armour – multiple days of protest, significant use of varying levels of force by the Police and an MSM promoted message of carnage, that talked about the anti-lockdown backlash as ‘reasonable’ and even interviewed known offenders to give a platform to the FreedomRally bullshite.

At the same time, Nurses, contact tracers, doctors, hospitals, aged care staff, running clinics, doing testing, keeping infected people alive, KEPT DOING what they do on behalf of us DESPITE their increased workload. And what did the mainstream media do for that? Nothing, preferring instead to push the ‘out of control’ message, condoning the protests as reasonable response to the lockdowns. No they were not reasonable and even CFMEU workers who turned up on day 1 started to drop off after day 2 when they figured out they’d been played by the #FakeTradies organisers. Those #fakeTradies who chose to protest on the site where multiple union workers lost their lives with the collapse of the West Gate Bridge. No union member worth their pay would desecrate that site with a protest about not wearing masks or needing to get vaccinated. No union member would have gone to The Shrine and urinated at the site as an act of protest. And NO union member would have stood in front of that special memorial and launched a Nazi salute. This is what the MSM have given us. Not encouragment to stay the course, not tips for staying safe and looking after your health and dealing with lockdowns. No, they disgracefully gave a platform to legitimise white supremacists pissing on The Shrine of Remembrance.

And the State Opposition leader (now the new old one) and the man derisively known in some social media platforms as #BubbleBoySmith, the would be Attorney General said NOTHING to condem these actions. That’s how we know it was not a Union led protest.

Keep in mind that Victoria had gotten to this point because the NSW Premier did not do her job to keep #Covid19 out of her community, an infection that spread across Australia and to New Zealand. Which brings us to the next phase. A public tired of lockdowns, hoping for a window and relief, now had a comparative story to think about. A bunch of real tradies who’d been allowed to work through lockdowns, and fake tradies who spotted a chance to get out from behind their keyboards, whingeing about masks and vaccinations like the rest of us had to deal with. go out on protest ‘…and I have to sit at home?’

And now the perfect conditions congealed upon us. Two Victorian clubs make it to the Grand Final, in Perth. Dan Andrews’ failing at this point was a big one – allowing the Grand Final Friday public holiday to go ahead. With no crowds coming to the city to be involved in a GF Parade, the justifcation for that Public Holiday had evaporated. A social psycholgical state of people tired of lockdowns but mostly doing the right thing, had been given a comparison to what they were going to do just a day later. If thousands of imbeciles can protest for days, attacking police, testing stations, being infected whilst rioting, how bad could it be for me to have a GF BBQ with a few mates?

As it turns out, pretty bloody bad.

A jump in daily case numbers tracking at the 800s to 1400+ a week later has been DIRECTLY linked to people gathering outside their family homes with others and getting infected. The mistake Andrews made was not using the REMOVAL of the widely popular but now redundant GF public holiday as a strong amber light that no, we are not ready to party.

Mainstream media’s message, pushed by Sunrise, Today, various ABC programs, supported by shock jocks and the vile Sky with lovely pictures of protest footage from very DIFFERENT Protests YEARS Earlier, promulgated the fear and loathing. And what we have seen and will now see BECAUSE of MSM willingness to do harm, is increased infections across all age groups and increased deaths. Kochie and Karl know exactly what they’re doing. They need and want more infections and more deaths to try and undermine the ongoing public support Dan Andrews has in Victoria. Especially to try and tarnish a very bright light compared to the culpability and arrogance of Glady Berijiklian willingness to infect her state. So far it looks like the population haven’t fallen for the ruse. But the infections that will occur, the massive workload and stress placed on health care workers and the #Covid19 deaths that will result, are on the heads and hands of those shrill journalists, reporters, and presenters who have CHOSEN to perpetuate harm

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