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10 years on from the Australia 2020 Futurists Summit

Friday 19 October 2018

The question is, 'how does the thinking inside this document stack up?' Turns out, pretty good. What we spotted and what problems we said we'd have to watch out for, are just about spot on

When it was discovered that the then Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was going to hold the Australia 2020 Summit, plenty of futurists got excited. Until we discovered NOT ONE FUTURIST was invited to be part of the group. So I convened the Australia 2020 Futurists Summit in the month PRIOR to the national summit.

So how did our thinking work out? See for yourself but the short note is that when I wrote in the introduction: '...Overtime the challenge will be
in ensuring that a ‘clean’ input process is maintained such that vested interests find it difficult to wrest broad public perspectives away from the contribution process...' it turns out that I was smack on target of what the problem would be in Australia

Check it out for yourself The Australia 2020 Futurists Summit 

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